Our Menu Changes Monthly

WE are currently only open on Saturdays for the case to the public from 8am-4pm!!!

We try to have all menu items available, but cannot control how quickly items sell out and they may change week to week due to whats in season.. 


*Valhrona Chip Smoked Fleur De Sel
*Ganache Dream
*Wild Blueberry Macadamia
*Fig Oatmeal



*French Macarons  {$2}  Change's Weekly G.F.
*Cheese Cake Slice {$4.50} 
*Manjari Goddess {$6}   G.F.


*Citrus:  Curd Tart w/  Chantilly Cream

*Aurora: Almond Frangipani Cream w/ Shortbread Streusel, Fresh Berries

*Ganache Tart

*Bostock: Brioche toast with Almond cream, fresh fruit and streusel

*POP TARTS:  Seasonal


*Panna Cotta G.F. 

PIES ( one every Saturday to slice)

( Please Note that all our Pies are an all butter crust and we bake everything a little darker cause that is the way we like it so the sugars & butter gets that perfect caramelized flavor)  That is the European way!

*Caramel Banana Cream Pie {$32}

*Chocolate Cream Pie with Brown Sugar Whip {$35}

*Cherry Streusel Pie {$37}

*Key Lime Ginger w/ Shortbread Crust {$32}

*Caramel Apple {$32}

Breakfast Menu:

*Donuts ( either brioche )


*Biscuit Sando:  All Butter Biscuit w/ Fried Egg, Tarragon Apricot Jam, Chèvre and Bacon $5.75

***  If you want to guarantee a certain Dessert or Cake please make sure to Pre Order****

Please Call, Email or Stop In To Order Your Desserts!

Photo by Rachel Cadman Photography

Photo by Rachel Cadman Photography

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