Do you require time in advance to order cakes or desserts?
Yes,  Since everything is small batch and made from scratch we need 48-72 hours to fill the order and make sure we have all ingredients in house.

Do you book up quickly?
Yes,  we may be booked out a week or 2 in advance on Holidays or wedding season. The best way to insure you get a Foxtail cake is to order as soon as you know your date for the party.  We strive to take as many orders as we are able but quality comes first!

What if I want something that is not on your menu? 
Please reach out to us.  We are able to accommodate most custom orders with a 72 hour notice but aren't able to make everything.

What are your hours?  
Tuesday - Sunday 8am-4pm

What can we expect in your Case? 
Tarts, Cheesecakes, Cookies, French Macarons, Panna Cottas, Cupcakes and Pop Tarts. We make everything fresh each day in small batches and may run out.  So to ensure you get some fresh baked goodies please come earlier rather than later.