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WE WILL BE MOVING TO OUR NEW LOCATION THIS APRIL!!  Foxtail Bakeshop & Kitchen will open with a large Pastry Selection, Cocktails, Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch and a Dessert Bar.


555 NW Arizona ST. SUITE #60 Bend, OR 97703

In April 2018


You can find our desserts daily @ these amazing local businesses:*Jacksons Corner East & Westside      *Barrio      *Lone Pine *MegaPhone Coffee

Foxtail Bakeshop is a Boutique Small Batch from Scratch Bakeshop in the Heart of Bend Oregon.

Located in the Thriving Galveston Street Community.  We focus on High quality & Local ingredients in all are pastries & cakes.  Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to excite the palate and eye of each customer.  All Pastries & Desserts are baked fresh everyday by Nickol to insure freshness & minimal waste.  We have a selection daily of Cheesecakes, French Macarons, Tarts, Custards, Cookies, Pop Tarts and Gluten Free Options.  ( We may sell out for the day so coming early is always better)  On Saturdays we may have a selection of Pie Slices, Cake Slices, Biscuits and Biscuit Egg Sando's, Brioche Donuts and Brioche Sticky Buns and whatever else Nickol can think of.   We have limited seating and coffee is served next door at the Copper Pot. 

Owner/ Pastry Chef

Nickol Hayden-Cady has been working in the culinary industry for over fifteen years. She has earned her Associates Pastry Arts Degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY.

Nickol has worked under top certified chefs and pastry chefs in California, Seattle, New York, London and Oregon.

After spending two years in Portland, OR working as the Executive Pastry Chef and Consultant for Papa Haydn’s, Nickol is happy to be back in Central Oregon with her Husband Joshua and her little man Jasper.

Moving back to Bend, Oregon Nickol had a new business model and new ideas, so she needed a new name. Foxtail Bakeshop, LLC came to life due to her growing family. Her son's nickname while he was in the womb was baby Foxtail, he was such a gift to her and her husband. She thought this would make the perfect bakeshop name for Central Oregon and what she had to offer to her clients. She is excited for the new possibilities and creations that this bakeshop will bring to Bend, Oregon and her family.

Nickol was the former Owner and Pastry Chef for Enlightened Patisserie in Bend, Oregon. Before opening Enlightened Patisserie she was the Executive Pastry Chef for Volo, Mt. Bachelor, Cross Water Grill and TLC Catering.

   Nickol loves creating beautiful things for people to enjoy!



At Foxtail Bakeshop, We use only the finest ingredients in everything we make.

  • Our cakes are made from scratch using freshly milled  flour, buttermilk and farm fresh eggs.
  • We make an Italian style butter cream using farm fresh egg whites, local or organic sweet cream, Tahitian vanilla beans, singing dog vanilla extract, and homemade fruit jams.
  • We strive to continue the relationships we have and are building with local farmers from Central Oregon and Portland Oregon.
  • We make all of our fondant, marzipan and gum paste in house.  We don’t like the artificial fondant so why not make it from scratch knowing exactly what is put into it.  Also we do not do a marshmallow fondant due to not knowing what is in name brand marshmallows. (No Corn Syrup)
  • We use 79% coverture for our ganache, chocolate finish’s, mousses and cocoa powder.
  • We will never use box cake mix!
  • We love going to Hood River and Sauvé Island to hand pick all the local fruit they have to offer, so that the fruit in your cake will taste like it was just picked.  We also strive to go to farmers market when possible.
  • Our desserts contain no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Why strive for this?   We think real, local and organic ingredients taste better.  It is better for the earth and we need to support our local community!

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We are only open for 48 hr cake pick ups on Thursday - Saturday 10am-2pm

Pre Orders Only!!!

We currently have no frontal shop

Till we open our new location in APRIL 2018


{541} 213-2275


555 NW Arizona,

Suite 60

Bend, OR 97703