Foxtail: Reimagined


The waves of COVID-19 have splashed on all of us, some have been hit with a sprinkle, most with a tsunami. Foxtail Bakeshop has been hit hard, but we are getting creative with ways to keep rolling amidst current uncertainties.

Introducing Foxtail: Reimagined, an interactive community art project, in which artists create original, one of a kind pieces on wooden rolling pins that are available for sale on our website for you to own. The sales of these rolling pins will go towards ensuring Foxtail has a future to serve Bend it’s delicious food, as well as supporting the artists who create them.

Each rolling pin will be a one of a kind, original piece of art to display in your home. As we get the rolling pins from the artist we will display a photo of them - below are the participating artists, with images representational of their style of art. Some of these photos are just a glimpse of what they may create on the rolling pins. Each pin will include hardware to wall mount each piece. Some pins will be created as they are ordered, so we will be in touch when your pin is ready to be picked up (or shipped, if you are not local to Bend).